March 25, 2013

Paper Bag Mini album my second mini ever!

This mini was made for my daughter for her birthday. It was lots of fun making and adding all the embellishments to it. She drew a couple of pictures in it and added it to one of the pages. This was made with DCWV Sweet Stack paper. It is really cute with all the glittery pages in it. I added a chunky chain on the spine. Take a look at the video for more information about this adorable mini.

January 24, 2013

Gorgeous Flowers Made From WOC Petals

by: Becky Currey

These flowers are made out of acrylic paint!  I thought for sure that when I painted the petal, the paper would fall apart!  It held up pretty well actually.The key to making these fabulous flowers is to lightly brush the paint on the petals. They will keep there shape, do not forget to brush lightly!


Wild Orchard Crafts (all flowers)
     Petals 2” (BM-00076)
     Blooms 1 ¾ (BM-00046)
Buttons for centers

Pink flower
Supply List:
      Apple Barrel Acrylic Pink Parfait
      Craft Smart Metallic Paint- Red
Studio G:
       White Glitter Glue
Flower middle are buttons

       Craft Smart Acrylic: Red
       Recollections for Center: Poinsettia


Purple Flower:
           Apple Barrel: Neon purple
   Studio G  Glitter Glue White
Carnation from WOC

        Craft Smart Metallic Bronze
        Apple Barrel pumpkin orange and canary yellow
Centers are buttons

October 31, 2012

A Recycled plastic bat!

Original Bat

    This is the original Bat my son brought home from school. The first thing I said, “Can I decorate it”.  He said, “sure mom”. “Hehehehe, giggle!  It was really cute! So last night I turned this bat into something that looked more 

 The bat is of a plastic material. The bat was painted black and underneath the chipping  black paint, was pink plastic. Yeah, that’s right, a pink plastic bat!!
     First, I scraped all the chipping paint off and roughed up the surface so the paint would stick and not chip again. I painted body with black acrylic paint. I then painted the mouth and eyes white for a base color. Next, I painted the tongue a light pink color and added some red metallic paint to accent the tongue and teeth with blood. Then I added some Silver Leaf/ Rub-n-Buff to accent the body, wings and head. I then paint the eyes and added some glossy accents. The last step was to cover the bat with Mod Podge.

This is how it turned out!

Finished bat

Bat head

This was a very fun project and my son loved it!!!

Materials used:
 Acrylic paint:
Red metallic
Silver leaf, rub-n-buff
Paint brush