January 24, 2013

Gorgeous Flowers Made From WOC Petals

by: Becky Currey

These flowers are made out of acrylic paint!  I thought for sure that when I painted the petal, the paper would fall apart!  It held up pretty well actually.The key to making these fabulous flowers is to lightly brush the paint on the petals. They will keep there shape, do not forget to brush lightly!


Wild Orchard Crafts (all flowers)
     Petals 2” (BM-00076)
     Blooms 1 ¾ (BM-00046)
Buttons for centers

Pink flower
Supply List:
      Apple Barrel Acrylic Pink Parfait
      Craft Smart Metallic Paint- Red
Studio G:
       White Glitter Glue
Flower middle are buttons

       Craft Smart Acrylic: Red
       Recollections for Center: Poinsettia


Purple Flower:
           Apple Barrel: Neon purple
   Studio G  Glitter Glue White
Carnation from WOC

        Craft Smart Metallic Bronze
        Apple Barrel pumpkin orange and canary yellow
Centers are buttons